Behind the creation of the 458


As promised, here is a 17 page pdf explaining how I created the Ferrari 458 renders.

Download the PDF here:

Download the full final scene here!

Now also on blendswap!

Also, here is a small texture contribution, which was created by MaxE.

Potenza s001 tire bumpmap:

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7 thoughts on “Behind the creation of the 458

  1. […] there yet. I’ve written a 17-page pdf, which covers the creation process of the car. You can download the pdf and find more images here, or grab the model from Blend Swap. /* This entry was posted in Images, Tutorials by Community […]

  2. Maurizio says:

    Beautiful job on a gorgeous car…thanks for the downloads.

  3. Amazing, dude! What a cool car 😀

  4. Miguel ROdriguez says:

    WOW your car is definitely stunning , awesome , no no no i dont have words for describe it , you are mi blender hero XD

    Seriously what a beatifull car you create , perhaps someday i will be so good as you in a looooooong time XD

    Can you please give a tip for a noob in car modelling , mi topology is always mess and the yours here is great !!!

    Thanks and Regards From Mexico

    Sorry if my english is bad XD

    • rainerselvet says:

      Thanks Miguel 🙂
      I’d just advise you to keep practising modeling all sorts of things, but yeah, cars are quite difficult to model because they are a mix of hard surface and organic modeling. Topology wise, uhm try not to overwhelm yourself in the beginning with lots of polygons and make sure the polygons flow nicely everywhere, especially at the wheelarches. Also try and find WIP threads about car modeling at or somewhere else. There you can usually find quite a lot of topology advice.

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