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Breakdowns that will skyrocket your creativity

1. Behind the scenes of Cloverfield on-the-set and taking a grasp of the stylish compositing and visual effects by Double Negative that went into the film. Creators break down VFX challenges from referencing & matchmoving to final steps.

2. Probably the best VFX sequence from the beginning of this decade is the truck collision of Matrix Reloaded. Incredible sketches turned into an action packed piece. This was year 2003 guys, wouldn’t say it is on a lower level compared to today’s VFX.

3. A movie not in my top 20 or so, but the visual effects put into it by Digital Domain and ILM are ridiculously detailed. My favourite is the aircraft carrier sequence.

4. Behind the scenes of “2012”. The fact that they built a photoreal LA and ripped it apart with only actors (and some live action elements obviously) being real, is astonishing. If anyone has seen compositing flow-graphs (maybe Nuke) for “2012” I’d be most interested to geek out at them. 🙂

5. I think Pirates of the Carribean has always nailed the CGI-story importance ratio. The movies are not just effect sequences, but VFX is used superbly to enchance the adventure. This “Creating the maelstrom” gives awesome insight into what went into their simulation techniques.

6. The superpunch of Matrix Revolution is yet another great example what is possible in nowaday’s computer graphics. I hadn’t realised that Neo and Smith were full CGI characters before watching this breakdown. Thought they were dummies shot in high-speed.

7. After watching this breakdown, I jaw-dropped realising that it was also CGI. You’ll know what I mean by “it” after watching the piece 🙂

8. Some fun from The Legend AK himself. Everyone who likes good humour will enjoy this.

9. One of the movies that integrate CGI that well you won’t even notice, is Inception. VFX is most certainly not the main focus of the movie, yet it melts into the shots like butter. “Real world physics are slightly disappointing.” 🙂

Also, here’s a bonus clip from the Paris coffee shop area being blown into the streets. Turns out it was mostly practical effects.

10. A great behind the scenes of the motion capture technology that was a key feature bringing Avatars to life, especially their facial movements.

Plus, here’s pretty interesting video showing the B-rolls from Avatar


Also you cannot miss these Behind the Scenes of The Hobbit. There are 7 more on the channel.

There are many more, don’t hesitate to post your favourites below 😉

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